Davies Wedding









sea of love
god only knows
forever young
that's what's up
you got it
you make my dreams
you're my best friend
rebel rebel
this must be the place
she moves in her own way
when we were young
hold my girl
"Eedie, for the entirety of our lives, you have shown me unconditional love and unwavering support. You have been my pillar of strength, my reason for living, the voice that inspires me to be better. Eden, I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you, each day believing it impossible to love you more than I already do, and the next proving myself wrong, time and time again. You have the whole of my heart, but it grows, eternally, to hold my endless affection for you. You are my better half, my best friend, my partner. You are the love of my life, afterlife, and whatever lies beyond that. And today, I'm moved to finally, finally call you my wife. I marry you without hesitation or doubt. Because my commitment to you is absolute. I promise not just to love you, but to trust you, respect you, encourage you, and cherish you. Every day, for all the days of our life. I am yours. This, my heartfelt vow to you."

i carry your heart with me

"During my time as an apprentice years ago, I worked alongside a pretty intelligent woman. She said to me once, so passionately, 'If you make a mistake, don't fret. Turn it into something! There's beauty in everything.' Mismatched corners, router burns, deep splints. To her, these were not mistakes. They were opportunities to reimagine instead. In hindsight now, what absolute sense that makes, because it's true, isn't it? Has it not always been? I made a mistake a long time ago, and ten years later, I decided to turn it into something else. An opportunity to reimagine, to reinterpret the mess-up, to cast it into something better, something richer, something deeper. Our flaws, don't they give us character? They give us spirit, and meaning, and existence. They give us beauty. Sutter, oh, Sutter. My sweet boy, my sweet man. I know you have known this, that there is beauty in what happened all those years ago, because it has given us this beauty now. Thank you, for never, ever giving up on me. For never, ever giving up on us. On us, here. Us, here, for every and all eternity. We await so much, and we will do so many great things. If we stumble onto a mistake, we'll just turn it into something, I know we will. Something better, something richer, something deeper. A great seventy years from now and won't we look back and feel so, so proud? I have perfect faith in us, and so perfect is my love for you. For you and your big heart. Your goodness, oh my gosh, so much good. Your warmth and your light. Your green eyes and golden curls. My favorite. I want nobody but you. You, as my friend, my lover, my mistake-fixer. And to nobody but you, only you, shall I be faithful. What else can I say? I love you. I love you more than I could ever properly relay, and oh god, how much that aches, because I am certain no number of words or expanse of time would be enough to do so. Give me a hundred lifetimes. Give me thousands of dictionaries. None of that would ever suffice. So, please, sweet man. Please, just know this, my vow to you. You have never given up on me, and so I will never give up on you. Never again will I give up on us. I will do anything and everything, for you. I will do anything and everything, by you, always. I'm yours. I'm yours forever."

i carry it in
my heart
"Good evening, everyone. Thanks for coming out tonight. I'm Emory. You all probably know me as Sutter and Eden's third wheel. That's because I have been lucky enough, these twenty plus years, to watch my two best friends fall deeply in love. To be honest, I'm a little surprised Sutter has asked me to speak, on account of how much I love to embarrass him, but I guess most of you have already seen them in every compromising position there is. I have to think that the reason I'm up here tonight is because I have been more of a witness than anyone to just how perfect two people can be for each other. I never thought I believed in soulmates, but when Eden came back home last year, it was undeniable, surely to all of us, that these two belonged together. That there can be one single person. A perfect fit. Someone seemingly created, against all odds, just for you. I can say I've never seen Sutter happier, healthier, more freely himself than he is with Eden, and the same for her. They've showed me, and the rest of the world, exactly what true love is, what it should be, and we would all be so lucky to find, even a sliver of what they have. So to the newlyweds, I propose a toast. Let's raise our glasses to Sutter and Eden and to the rest of their lives... May all of their ups and downs be in the bedroom."
  together is where sutter and eden are destined to be,
certainly their love made sure of that.

"The whole point of the mother of the bride speech, I know, is to tell your daughter how much love you have for her. How proud of her you are. How we've waited for this day all these years with excited breath. And my darling, please know this to be true. I love you, sweetheart. I'm so proud of you. So over the moon we're finally getting to live out this day, but Sutter, what I say now, is meant for you. I remember like it was yesterday. The moment I saw you and wondered where exactly you came from. I mean this in the most beautiful way. I thought, how in the world does such a sweet and incredible and soft being exist. And it wasn't my place. It wasn't my place to wonder how to protect you, this boy who was not my son. To think about how to keep you safe from all that harm. But I did. Silently, I did. I prayed and hoped and as a mother, this overwhelmed me. I had no place. But now, I do. I hope I do. Because, while you're grown now, both of you are. You're grown, but you're still babies. Something you'll have to understand, is that I'll always wonder how to protect you, the way I did then. This sweet, incredible, soft boy, so perfect for my daughter, and who is now, after today, my son. I will protect you. I do hope you are okay with that."